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My name is Anthony, autism parent and worker of the nightshift. It’s a very lonely life and there’s little time at all for myself nor people to talk to. Podcasting is the perfect remedy: I can talk to my own self AND do it without looking insane.. mostly.

After Midnight is a show of five songs related to a different topic each episode. If you’d like to suggest a theme, some songs, discuss an episode, be a special guest or even a collaborator, use the menu up there to send me a shout-out or find me on TwitterFacebook and Discord, or drop me a line below and I’ll get back to you ready-set-Go!

And if you get the munchies while listening, I got you covered!

Ideal Guest

Every second episode I interview people about 5 songs THEY selected; The topic is yours to choose, and if you can't think of one then just select 5 songs I won't hear 50 times a day on any & all radio station. The important thing is that they are songs that you like and are able to say why!

The only requirement: You need to TALK. It doesn't matter to me what pronoun you designate yourself as, what country you're from, what language you talk dirty to your partner with, as long as you come to me with 5 songs YOU like AND you can talk about why you like them without needing to be CIA'd to loosen your tongue.

***Edit***  Someone asked if I allow the guests to preview the episode; indeed I always offer it to my collaborators. The point of my podcast is to connect with other people through a shared love of music; I leave the 'heavy' stuff to others, this is just brain candy to get a respite FROM the heavy stuff. But before you do put your hat in the ring, I strongly suggest you listen to a previous episode where I do have a guest, for it will pretty much be the same. keep in mind that a 35 minutes episode takes easily 3 to 5 hours of work; it requires prep & research, recording, editing, artwork and 'distribution'. So if you don't like what I did previously, then better we avoid wasting each other's valuable time. But if your concerns are just about cutting out the odd swear word or loud breathing, and making sure I don't edit in a way that makes you say something you did not, of course you are quite welcome to having your say. In 3 words: Just. Have. Fun.


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